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  starlight blue

i saw you leaving the room
with your face-fallen gloom
i know just how you feel
like the world is unreal
it's all part of the deal

with the flame burning low
time moves ever more slow
reams of nothing to say
drag our feet one more day
through a role in a play

starlight blue
stark light
the warmth of a million
suns may shine
but they're too far away

i can't be detached
i'm in this with you
when darkness draws you
i'm drawn too
we gaze at the same
cold starlight blue

we must live for today
we've no choice anyway
but i guess it's okay
take a moment of rest
make tomorrow your guest

blue starlight
the warmth of a million
suns shines on
but they're too far away

ray cologon
january 1994


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